Adding Distance to my Tee Shots

Dear Golfer, welcome to your BTS Program !

Here are a few notes you should keep in mind throughout your program.

When you practice on the driving range you can place your BTS mat on a driving range mat or on the grass. If you practice on grass, it is probably a good idea to place the ball on a tee even when hitting irons so you won’t have to replace the mat every time you need to find fresh grass to hit from.

Good luck and have fun with your new BTS program !

Startup Videos

Module 1

Proper set up for your body type

Proper set-up for your body type

This video shows you the proper set up and address position for a player of your body type. Pay attention to the details in the video and in the PDF file as a proper set up is the foundation for everything else you will be attempting to do during the swing and throughout your program.


Creating more power

Left knee to number 5

Allowing the left knee to come to number 5 at the top of the swing while the left heel comes off the ground is the most efficient way for players of your body type to fully finish the backswing. At first it will require a bit of practice as you may lose you balance once in a while but will practice this move will give you tons of power.


Right knee stable on backswing

This drill emphasizes stability in the right leg and as you will see in the “supporting” video, tour players do this with ease but it may not be so easy for you to do therefore practicing it is important. A stable right knee will keep the center of your swing stable which will promote solid contact on the ball every time. You should feel your right foot trying to twist inside your right shoe as you do this.


Forearm rotation

Forearm rotation through impact is critical for players of your body type in order to be able to “square up” the club face through impact and to fully release the energy of the club going through the ball. This will lead to better contact on the ball and greater distance and accuracy.


How to Practice

Before you bring your BTS carpet to the driving range you may want to go over your drills and exercises at home to familiarize yourself with the drill, its movements and positions. When you take your BTS carpet to the driving range, you can set it up on a driving range mat or hit directly off the grass. If you hit off the grass, you may want to use a tee to prevent from having to move the carpet to find fresh grass during your practice session.

Practice your drills using the BTS carpet and do some drills without the carpet (see your “practice sessions” sections for more details). As you get familiar with your drills and the new positions of the swing, you can start thinking of taking your new swing to the golf course.

For players of smaller stature (less than 68 inches in height) click here to read about the “one inch rule”.


Add Distance